1.3  there is no measure

There is no measure
Installation View at Gemäldegalerie Prospekthof
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien 
Pigment print
89 × 30 cm, 45 × 30 cm

Installation view at Parallel Vienna 2015
There is no measure
Pigment print
89 × 30 cm, 45 × 30 cm

I saw not only that we weren't a measure of all things, but that there was no measure”. 

The form of diagnosis: crisis as historical reality or as a literary trope.
This work is a response to COP21. COP stands for Conference of the Parties, referring to the countries that have signed up to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP21 was held Nov 30 – Dec 12, 2015 in Paris.
There is no measure refers to associated political aspects in the formalities and denial of climate change and sustainability, of crisis as a form in democracy which is a response to COP the climate conference of all parties. The term crisis is rooted within the nature of things, in the historical conditions of capital and social relations, cultural alienations or the pertification of instrumental reason. Such objective determinations of crisis imply a subjective dimension, intrinsically related to the specific acts of diagnosis, critique, or cure. The series contains a landscape with a golden rescue blanket, thrown into the air, whereas after the performance the same landscape exists in the last sequential frame. 

Crisis as Form German text (excerpt)
Die Serie There is no measure bezieht sich auf den Zustand der Krise, in welcher die Form von Globalisierung und Demokratie als Formalismus aufgezeigt wird. Formalismus steht allgemein für eine Betonung der äußeren Form unter Vernachlässigung des Inhalts einer Sache. Die Arbeit dokumentiert eine Bild-Performance einer Landschaft, die in der Verortung der Gegenwart mit einer Rettungsdecke bespielt wird, die Landschaft bleibt in sequentieller Folge sich selbst überlassen.